Johannes Biegl is a professional studio and live drummer based in Cologne. He was born and raised in Coburg, Southern Germany, where he started his drumming career at a young age by founding the Indie Rock band The Tunes along with his best mates. For about 5 years they enjoyed touring their hometown area and glowingly honouring their musical heroes by creating and performing honest rock ´n´ roll music.

During high school, Johannes gratefully took the chance to benefit from piano lessons and to be introduced to a variety of classical percussion instruments. Experiencing a remarkable boost of motivation, he started practicing several hours a day on a regular basis as well as taking lessons with his most influential early years mentor Vladimir Sigarev and finally enrolled at Berufsfachschule für Musik in Nuremberg for a 3-year masterclass.

His teacher Christoph Huber sensitized him to the importance of developing his individual musical voice, introduced him to a wide range of possibilities to get there and meanwhile never ceased to constantly push him to the limit at the kit.

During the following 4 years in Nuremberg, Johannes worked with many local artists and founded and established the so-called Soundclub Sessions, a series of concerts featuring known and unknown songwriting artists by performing their original music with an experienced and well-rehearsed band. Today you may still know this series of events under the name “The Foxhead Sessions as Johannes continued his tireless work on the project for several years and managed to successfully transfer the concept to his current hometown Cologne. In 2014 he decided to grab a pair of sticks, pack his bag and move to the United States, where he had been the oppertunity a band job on a cruiseship in the Caribbean Sea.


Having the feeling it was the right time for a game changing moment after his return, he decided to move to Cologne, one of the biggest cities in Germany, where he quickly made his way into the local music scene. Still based in Cologne today, Johannes is now working with internationally renowned artist Shadmehr Aghili, a heavyweight of the Persian pop industry, who introduced him to the pleasure and the struggles of world wide touring. With Shadmehr and many other artists, he travelled and played in the last two years the USA, Aserbeidjan, Armenia, Turkey, United Emirates, Scotland, Croatia, Netherlands, Austria and of course Germany.

Occasionally Johannes joins in with German supergroup Bell, Book & Candle, a band best known for their mid nineties radio hit single “Rescue Me“. When he´s not riding the Persian beat, Johannes is a drum educator for the highly esteemed online education platform, next to big names like Jost Nickel, Benny Greb or Keith Carlock. Johannes is also a well-respected studio drummer for artists like Stramm, Ego Decay, Destinova or Der Heimliche Hauptact, an often called hired gun for cover bands like Roadrunner, 9to5-live, Special Band, Jiggerjam, La Familia and every now and then a TV drummer for artists like Namika and Andreas Gabalier. His current mentors include Alex Vesper and Manni von Bohr, with whom he is frequently touring as a drumtech.

Setup  / Gear

Johannes changes his setup from time to time. It depends on the situation and what he needs. He´s really honored that these great companies are supporting him.


Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals

  • 14” Traditional  HiHat
  • 18” Radiant Crash Medium
  • 18” Onurhan Crash
  • 19” Traditional Crash
  • 22” Turk Ride Medium

Tama Drums

(Superstar Hyperdrive / Maple)

  • 22×18 Bassdrum
  • 20×16 Bassdrum
  • 14×5,5 Sound Lab Snare
  • 10×6,5 Tom
  • 12×7 Tom
  • 16×14 Tom


  • Los Cabos Sticks 5A + 5B (Hickory)
  • Audix Microphones
  • Tama Hardware
  • Remo Heads (Emperor Clear, Ambassador Coated, Powerstroke 3)