Passing on the knowledge I have gained from my mentors to the next generation of musicians has always been a great pleasure to me. Being a drummer for almost 20 years, I have played with countless musicians, many of them being a wonderful inspiration to my drumming and contributing in great measure to my body of experience which I am now proud to share with my students.
Besides my teaching work for Music Academy in Cologne I am an educator for, next to big names like Jost Nickel, Benny Greb, Claus Hessler, Keith Carlock and many more.
I am also available for private lessons, either face to face or via skype. Please get in touch with me if you are interested!

These are some of the topics that COULD have a large priority in my lessons:

  • Creating a drum part that suits the song
  • Effective Practicing
  • Artistic Progress
  • Timing / Microtiming
  • Technique and developing ways to use it in a musical way